Learning Experiences Provide Healthy Foundations for….

Character Formation

  • Personal knowledge of and love of God;
  • A healthy sense of self as a unique and competent person;
  • Criteria for making choices, taking initiative and problem-solving;
  • Self-discipline and basic character traits of orderliness, obedience, sincerity, piety, friendliness, generosity, cheerfulness, politeness and thoughtfulness;
  • Effectiveness in interpersonal relations through the collaborative coaching of the child’s emotional intelligence at home and in school.

Intellectual Competence

  • Describing and expressing needs, ideas, desires and feelings through language;
  • Thinking skills such as observing, comparing, comprehending, interpreting, summarizing, categorizing, classifying, among others;
  • Listening, reading & writing skills, and numeracy skills through varied approaches;
  • Functional awareness of the environment through resource visitors, stories, science experiments, cooking, field trips, and others.

Values Education through Virtue-of-the-Month (VOM)

Committed to the holistic formation of the child, education in values is carried out through VOM services. Periodic mentoring chats with parents tackle the development of habits and virtues in the child, and address the challenges unique to the child.